I help moms go from tears and frustration with breastfeeding, to joy and success!

If breastfeeding has been a painful journey for you, or one of a constant struggle for enough milk, you have come to the right place! I help many moms who have tried "everything" and often have also sought professional help, without improvement.

Schedule a lactation consult:

Are you frustrated with breastfeeding and ready to switch to formula? 
Do you feel like your baby is nursing all the time?
Is your baby crying a lot?
Are you tired of pumping? Or tired of using a nipple shield, that you are not even sure you need?
Is nursing painful?
Are you sleep-deprived or struggling to maintain your sanity?
Are you worried about your milk-supply?
Is your baby tongue-tied or too sleepy to nurse?
Is your pediatrician concerned because your baby is not gaining enough weight or gaining fast enough?
I am here to help you!

I understand the need for moms to get sleep and have happy, healthy babies who are not constantly crying! Breastfeeding is a wonderful experience when it goes right, but can be downright frustrating and difficult when problems occur. It should be pain free and ideally joyous. Most people can successfully breastfeed.


My desire is to help moms achieve the goals they desire with a broad range of breastfeeding areas, whether it is breastfeeding for the short or long term, losing their pregnancy weight, getting decent sleep, or managing their blood sugars while breastfeeding. I love to see children hitting their developmental milestones and achieve their best health!


I also enjoy working with a variety of medical nutritional therapy areas.

My focus is specifically on helping make breastfeeding a positive happy experience and helping moms be successful at reaching their goals.

Nutrition Counseling


I offer one-on-one counseling sessions to meet your needs, ranging from breastfeeding & lactation, weight loss coaching, diabetes, kidney failure, high blood pressure, cholesterol or cardiac issues, gluten-free diets, general nutrition and anemia, allergy diets, pediatric nutrition issues, sports nutrition, and more.

While I care about health, I believe our eating experience should be easy, fun, and as stress-free as possible. There is no cookie-cutter recipe for everyone. I love helping people achieve their goals (not my goals) for themselves, whatever that is. I love to see people successful and enjoying life to the fullest!

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Certified Lactation Counselor

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