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"Before this program, I was in a serious rut that I didn't realize I was in. I had health challenges I was unaware of. This program encapsulated many things to work on--it has been refreshing. It was what I needed. I like working with the best people. I have had a change in philosophy as a result of this program. I usually will just push through things & not put myself at the top. This program has had a big part of my philosophical shift and given me helpful tools. I definitely feel my health is progressing. I feel like I am making improvements that are putting me on the right trajectory. I am making choices to improve health, which is making a great impact. The use of labs and how they relate to health have helped as well. Kathryn is easy to work with, has a wealth of knowledge, quick applications and ability to connect data points, and provided great tools to apply in many situations. She has a great way of explaining things and making things applicable. I am excited for continuing improved health in the future. It was refreshing to go through this program. I have really appreciated this help and knowledge. If someone wants improvements in their health, they would find benefit from this program. I would definitely recommend this service." BS

“I felt hesitant to sign up for this program because I don't like putting myself out there or being vulnerable. However, as a result of utilizing this service, I learned different ideas and learned stuff I would not have been able to do by myself. I liked being able to have help and ability to ask questions, having accountability, and learning new ideas. As a result of this program, I have not felt so sluggish, have had less brain fog, and improved concentration. I always felt sick before but now I feel so much better! I feel less nauseous and less bloated. It is good to have accountability and someone who is on your side. Kathryn has the right tools. I think Kathryn did awesome! I think it helped. She is super nice and down to earth.” AY

“Before working with Kathryn, I was frustrated that I wasn’t losing weight. I hit a plateau. The main reason I was hesitant to sign-up was the cost, but when you get to thinking about it, it’s not that expensive in the long run when talking about your health. The results that I got were encouragement and awareness of what I should be eating, and of course the thirteen lbs. that I lost in twelve weeks. What I appreciate the most was the encouragement and modifications of diet. If you are on the fence about working with Kathryn, I would highly recommend her as she has a lot of excellent advice. I would highly recommend Kathryn to any of my friends or family.” LW​

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