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  • Are you tired of being unable to lose weight?

  • Or tired of losing weight rapidly, only to regain it all back?

  • Do you wish you knew the keys to lose weight and keep it off, while not having to give up your favorite foods or not being able to eat with everyone else?

  • Are you tired of counting calories or points?

  • Are you tired of feeling tired, and just wish you could get up in the morning feeling refreshed and have plenty of energy to get through the day?

  • Are you struggling with hormone imbalances and poor moods and wish you could find a simple natural solution?

  • Do you struggle with other symptoms, such as headaches, GI issues, or brain fog and long to feel better?

  • Are you eager to break free from guilt with eating, binging habits, or avoiding going places because of your body image?


If you said YES to one or more of these, this program is for you!


12 Weeks to Wellness is a virtual program to help participants lose weight and keep it off, eat without guilt, lose weight without starving or going hungry, and be able to eat with everyone else! The principles in this program have also helped many people to significantly improve or resolve numerous medical issues/symptoms, such as brain fog, low energy or fatigue, headaches, hormone imbalances, hot flashes, moodiness, depression/anxiety, and more, while losing weight, with a healthful simple plan based on small gradual steps that can be adopted for life! And all this while incorporating principles from a qualified nutrition professional that not only help improve your current health, but increase longevity, prevent disease, and give you a sustainable simple model for long term.

The program includes weekly emails/messages with professional video talks and food demos by a registered dietitian and world-renowned physician and nutritionist guest speaker, and is designed to include a peer support group to help with accountability and support to help you get the results you are looking for. This program also includes two live Q&A sessions with a registered dietitian.

Individual coaching may also be an additional add-on option depending on which state you reside in.


This program has the power to transform your life through a simple step-by-step process providing the professional knowledge and support needed to lose excess pounds, reduce symptoms, feel better, and get your life back!

This program has the power to transform your life through a simple step-by-step process providing the professional knowledge and support needed to get your life back! 12 Weeks to Wellness is a virtual program with weekly emails providing resources and with professional video talks by a registered dietitian nutritionist as well as a physician, weekly assignments/goals, and peer support providing accountability to help you develop a long-term lifestyle in gradual simple steps that get you the results you are looking for, such as weight loss, symptom reduction, strengthened immunity, and renewed abilities you may have lost. 

This program is valued at around $997 but is being offered at a special introductory price of only $357, which is almost the same as the price of Weight Watchers for one year (depending on tier). HOWEVER, 12 Weeks to Wellness offers a LIFETIME of results with a sustainable lifestyle that doesn’t leave you stuck counting points or calories!!!

What have others said?

"I have felt less sluggish." "I have more energy." "I feel better than I have in years." "I wish I had come to you two decades ago!"

What is worth more to you, Time or Money? Most people realize that time is worth more. What is it costing you to feel miserable each day? What are you losing from life to not be at your best? What would it be worth if you could ditch the misery and have your life transformed?

Are you tired of counting points or Calories? Or of avoiding a bunch of foods, or fats or carbohydrates? Are you frustrated at trying diets that don’t help, and wishing you had accountability as well as knowledgeable guidance from a nutrition expert on what to eat or not to eat? What if you did not have to look in your closet and see clothes that don’t fit, and feel comfortable and confident in your clothing, as well as not waste more money buying clothes of bigger sizes, all while hoping you will lose the weight off again soon but then not need the clothes you just spent hard-earned money on? What if you could have a diet for a lifetime that doesn’t leave you hungry, and allows you to eat with your family, rather than endless gimmicks of pills, shakes, bars, or crash-course yo-yo diets that leave you feeling hungry and without a plan to follow once that program ends, resulting in further weight gain perhaps than you even started with? How would you like to feel better, have increased confidence, feel comfortable in your own skin or a swimsuit, have a better sex life, shed pounds, but also have less symptoms such as headaches, hot flashes, brain fog, low energy, or poor sleep? What if you had the energy to hike or exercise without feeling short of breath? And how would you like to feel in a better mood and shake depression, anxiety, guilt, and shame? What if instead you could feel motivated about your health and lifestyle changes, knowing that you were following a plan that would help you prevent disease such as heart disease, diabetes, or cancer, and achieve or maintain a healthy weight, with expert scientific-based help that you can trust?


What You Get... Your health back, your energy back, your symptoms gone, your goals met!!! HOW? The details.…

  • This is a 12-week program with weekly professional studio-recorded nutrition video talks, including food/recipe demonstrations, by a registered dietitian nutritionist as well as guest speaker John Scharffenberg, MD, MPH, sharing solid principles in bite-size portions that facilitate easier implementation

  • It covers a wide variety of topics, such as:

      • Weight loss tips

      • Hunger management

      • Binge eating

      • Meal spacing

      • Intermittent fasting

      • Role of each food group

      • Nutrients and adequacy, along with a health check to help you determine how deficiencies/excesses may be affecting you specifically

      • Various diets and which might be best, along with meal planning help

      • Longevity and disease prevention

      • Exercise and making it doable and fun

      • Recipes

      • Cooking demo

      • And much more!

  • Weekly assignments to keep you on track and accountable, including goal ideas/suggestions based on that week's topic and help with evaluating where your weaknesses might be so you know more specifically what changes might help with YOUR symptoms

  • E-mail messages at least weekly that accompany the videos, offering bonus materials, resources and printable materials, recipe and menu ideas, shopping tips, and more

  • Online private group forum access for checking in, goals accountability, and support with others on a similar journey

  • Two (2) Live Q&A sessions during the program to ask your specific nutrition questions

  • AND all from the comfort of your own home, without needing to get dressed up or see people, and without the risk of COVID-19 exposure from an in-person class

  • ADDITIONALLY....All this with a ZERO-risk money-back guarantee! If you are unhappy with the program for any reason, you can get a full refund no questions asked within the first 14 days of the program!


I started my health journey many years ago, and it has truly been a journey! I used to struggle with brain fog, poor concentration, and other symptoms. I studied to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, graduating from Loma Linda University in 2002, to further my knowledge. I have since expanded and grown through ongoing study and experiential knowledge. One of my favorite topics of study has been on Food and Mood. I found my own health and the health of my clients improve drastically through following simple basic principles shared in this program. I did not even realize how bad I felt until I felt better, and then ate poorly again! One of my favorite analogies is going out in the sunshine and then coming back inside--have you ever noticed how it suddenly feels dark when it felt light before going outside?? The transformation in my health was so drastic, it was worth every change I had made! Knowing how much these ideas have helped me and others to feel better and lose weight, have more energy, a clear mind, cut headaches, improve mood, sleep better, and feel great, with only small simple changes at a time, has inspired me to put this program together and share this with as many others as possible to help them experience wellness also. The stories of transformation I hear from my clients is so rewarding. That is why I do this--to help people be well and feel well!



Are you wanting a personalized tailored individual program? While a group program can be highly beneficial, it does not offer the insights of a professional working with a person one-on-one. If you would like additional help to increase your chances of success and provide more accountability, I am offering the option for a limited number only to have four-six (4-6) one-on-one individualized and tailored coaching sessions of approximately 30-60 minutes each during the 12-week virtual program! This option is only for those who reside locally (WA, OR) or in any other state I am licensed/authorized to work in. Please contact me if you are interested in this option if you are from another state. State regulations change from time to time so I would need to verify whether it would be an option. Currently it appears that I could work with residents of AZ, CA, CO, OR, MI, NY, UT, VA, VT, WA, WI, WY. However, please contact me to verify because there may be additional states I can work in also, and/or these may end up not being an option, either.


Please note: Due to the nature of this program and legalities, I cannot provide individual medical or nutritional advice to virtual program attendees who are not my personal clients. I can provide medical nutritional therapy (MNT) to my individual clients only. This program is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. Must be at least 18 years of age to participate and have legal rights to sign up.

While this program endeavors to equip customers to achieve results and transformation, results cannot be guaranteed and HolmMade Nutrition, LLC is not responsible or liable for your results or lack thereof, whether good or bad. Following these principles has helped many people, but it could be harmful or dangerous to some people, and is for educational purposes only. It is up to each individual to discuss any and all changes with his/her/their healthcare provider before making changes, as HolmMade Nutrition, LLC and its affiliates cannot be liable in the case of harm. This material is the exclusive property of HolmMade Nutrition, LLC. All rights reserved. This program is solely for the customer purchasing it, and may not be duplicated, shared, repurposed, resold, redistributed, or claimed as your own. Please see Terms of Purchase for full details and disclosures.


Buy – 12 Weeks to Wellness Virtual Program – $997 currently being offered for only $357!

Optional Add-on: Individual Coaching Sessions (limited availability)!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) How long do I have to watch the videos? You will have access to the program for throughout the program duration, as well as for three months following the program. However, it is highly recommended to follow through the course as scheduled weekly to ensure the best outcomes.

2) How long are the videos? The videos vary in length, but in order to keep this manageable for busy people, they are usually around 15-20 minutes, with a few exceptions shorter and longer. The goal is not to take more of your time than necessary, while still helping you get great results.

3) If I sign up, and change my mind, can I get a refund? YES! This program is backed by a full money-back guarantee for the first 14 days of the program, so there is no risk in signing up! After the initial two weeks, however, no refunds are given.

4) Why should I choose this program? This program is by a Registered Dietitian, who not only helps with coaching, but brings scientific and evidence-based backing to it. Many internet coaches are not healthcare professionals and have very little training or knowledge about health and disease management. Also, sometimes people look at cost of the program, rather than the cost of NOT doing the program.  What do you want your life to look like in 1 year from now? 3 years from now? You are valuable and worth taking care of! There is only one you, and you only live once. You are the most important asset you have! If you could "have your life back" like my clients have experienced, what value would that have for you? 

If would you like to have fewer headaches, more energy, less brain fog, better health now and in the future, and/or a healthier weight, this program is for you! Still not sure? Take the quiz to find out! It will be scored and sent back to you with your personalized results!

The back story.... How did this program come to be? Well, here's the story.... I know a bit about nutrition. After all, that's my field. However, as I have worked with clients, I have been amazed at how HUGE of results my clients have gotten, and all from pretty basic principles. I have been working one on one with clients in my practice for about four years now. Unfortunately, I did not start using an objective symptom survey right away, but more recently, I have tried to have my clients complete a symptom survey at the beginning, middle, and end of our initial 12- week program together, and I have seen truly incredible results!!! That is my inspiration. I want to be able to share that with a broader audience than I can see in person one-on-one, so I created this virtual program to have a wider reach and help even more people. Here are some of the results I have seen and heard from my clients: 


--Towards the end of working together, I asked one lady, who had lost weight on track, "So how do you feel now after working together?" "I feel a lot better, but I haven't done anything differently." I smiled inwardly but remained silent. A moment later she said, "Oh, I guess I did start doing X, and oh yeah, I started doing Y.... oh and I am doing Z..... now...."  but she had not felt like she had many any changes even though she had actually made significant changes in her diet and lifestyle because they were small, gradual changes that she felt she could do the rest of her life, and she hardly noticed them since they were made in such small steps. 


That is how we generally work with clients. It is small gradual changes to last a lifetime. This is not a program where shakes, pre-made meals, or pills are provided, or dictate your exact food each day just to achieve quick weight loss, so that when we are done working together, you gain all the weight right back and are left hanging not knowing what to do/eat anymore or how to handle holidays and special occasions, or travel, or times when you want to eat with everyone else. Instead, I share principles that you can grasp and follow for life, that you can know you are getting what your body needs for longevity and good health, preventing disease in the future, and feeling great now.

--Another client went from having about 8-10 hot flashes a night, to having 2-5 hot flashes per week. When she started working with me, she was understandably feeling irritable from not being able to sleep well and felt miserable. Towards the end of our time working together, one day she thought, "Oh, this doesn't matter... I'll just eat how I used to." Instantly she regretted it. She told me she was "cured" and was never going back! She realized how much these changes had done for her, and not only her, but her entire family. They had lost weight, and all felt better!

--Another client who started with a high symptom score had a symptom reduction of about 75% and a 23lb weight loss. She told me she was able to do activities she had not been able to do for many years, that she felt better, and her entire family was eating differently along with her. 

--And another client was having horrible migraine headaches about half to two-thirds of the time that kept her largely in bed most days and inactive. She was on several medications at maximum doses for this. She struggled with guilt from eating, too, feeling that her food was making her fat or going to give her diabetes. After working together, she not only had lost weight, had a huge symptom score reduction, reported not struggling with guilt anymore with eating, went back to work full time, had energy again, AND reported her headaches were almost gone, with maybe only one mild headache in a month that did not last long. 

There are many more stories I could share of men, women, and children/teens who have gotten great results from working together. It has been so exciting for me to watch. I feel blessed to have had the privilege of working with each of my wonderful clients and seeing their lives completely change for the better. I felt inspired to offer this to a wider audience than just who can come to my office. That is why I am now taking the principles that have helped numerous others and putting them into a virtual program. Although I recognize that an online program is not the same as having professional judgment helping one-on-one (except for a limited number who I can fit in who add on private coaching sessions with me), I believe these same principles can still be life changing. 

So, this program is for you if:

--you are ready for a total transformation in your life!

--you are willing to make changes

--you scored high on the assessment quiz

--you desire to learn more about nutrition

--you want a simple to follow plan you can follow for life, without spending hours a day cooking

--have a family history of disease you want to avoid, such as diabetes, cancer, or heart disease

--you are looking for a healthful yummy easy way to eat and live for yourself or your family

--or you are wanting scientific-based solid principles from an educated and experienced professional that could change your life forever and you do NOT want a crash course or yo-yo diet that will leave you worse off than you were before!

It is NOT for you if:

--you are completely happy with your current health and lifestyle,

--you are unwilling to make any changes,

--if you want your life to look the same in a year from now as it does right now. 

--OR for those who have disease conditions making certain changes that might be advocated in this program unsafe for them* (such as those with kidney or liver disease, as example).


*The principles in this program could mean wonderful improvements for some, but for others could be unsafe or even fatal. Those persons may need an individual program instead. As always, please obtain clearance from your healthcare provider before making any dietary or lifestyle changes. This program is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. HolmMade Nutrition, LLC is not liable for improper or inappropriate use of the materials shared. 

However, if you are cleared medically for any changes in diet, exercise, or lifestyle, and you are ready for a new start on life, for a weight you feel satisfied with, with more energy and more mental clarity, or are tired of feeling yucky, this program may be for you.


Please reach out here if you have any questions! Thank you.  


Terms of Purchase for program.

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