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***Attention Tri-Cities, WA area: I am currently opening enrollment to my “Get Fit February”  program starting this month!***


I have had so many folks reaching out to me with frustration…


…who are tired of not having the energy when the kids come home to be able to play sports or active games with them due to carrying around extra weight


…from dealing with crazy busy schedules, and resorting to fast food or processed food out of desperation, and then seeing the scale go up and feeling guilty knowing their diet was less than ideal, but finding it difficult to make better habits, or even at a loss from not knowing what or how to improve

….not sleeping well because of back pain, join pain, or breathing issues, all due to extra pounds


…not liking the look of their body when with their partner and avoiding intimacy as a result


…who are tired of feeling self-conscious around their friends, or afraid to have to change clothes in front of anyone


…looking down the road and seeing possible surgeries and other complications of excess weight that seem unavoidable, like a collision waiting to happen and feeling out of control to get off the weight-gain roller coaster


…who have tried all sorts of diets, shakes, bars, programs, fasting, or weight loss programs, only to regain all the weight again once it’s over


… some with symptoms they’d been battling for years…


…but with just a handful of highly personalized changes to their diet


were able to see steady weight loss without the frustration.


And starting now I would like to help more people using some of these exact same strategies…


So I have decided to open up my playbook and share how these people were able to…


●     Get 1-on-1 help and accountability from a registered dietitian nutritionist who has helped many people get out of their ruts of trying fad diets, going through fasting and starvation, or needing special shakes, and still not seeing long-term success and enjoy eating without guilt, while progressing to the weight they want;


●     Get customized menu ideas that were specifically tailored to them, their body, and their favorite foods so that they would not be confused about what to eat or when to eat it.


●     Discover how they were able to eat from the same menu as everyone else WITHOUT starving or gaining weight as a result.


●     Get a step-by-step plan to achieving the weight they want EVEN THOUGH  in the past their weight would constantly bounce up and down, or just keep going up


●     Plus lots more


So if you’re interest in learning more about how these folks were able to achieve their weight loss goals and shed the guilt, and would like to apply for the “Get Fit February” program…


…Send me a message and I will send on the details of how to apply…



…But for those anything like these folks…


…it will likely be much cheaper than what it’s costing to deal with this problem right now.


This may not be a good fit for those not coachable, can’t or don’t want to invest in making a long term change, or for those just looking for a quick fix or magic pill…


…but if seeing how others were able to shed excess pounds with only small changes that are sustainable for the long term, avoid the guilt they had previously, enjoy meals and eating again, and increase their health and confidence…


…this may be a great fit!


This offer is first-come-first-served and has limited availability, so to secure a spot in line, hop on this now.


…only 5-7 spots available…


To Your Success,


Kathryn Holm, RDN, CD, CLC

Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management

HolmMade Nutrition, LLC

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